Wild Garden is a strategy studio run by Ben Perreira. I help brands use strategy, creativity, and organizational culture to bring their best ideas to life.I believe that strategy's power comes from its usability throughout an org and adaptability over time.Creating an adaptable, usable strategy requires balancing planning (garden) and room for experimentation (wild).

Every other Monday I write about strategy methodology in 3-minute doses here.

About me

I'm a brand and communications strategist with 15+ years experience in marketing. I started my career in sports and entertainment marketing. Since finishing my MBA in 2012, I've been doing strategy with creative agencies, Hispanic market agencies, Conde Nast, and in-house at Mattel.I've worked with a long list of brands on bringing big ideas to life, including: Volkswagen, H&R Block, Nike, MEGA, UNO, Bomb Pop, Hyundai, Zillow, Allure, T-Mobile, Cheerios, Amazon, and many more.Since 2015, I've mentored, hired, and/ or trained dozens of strategists through my full-time positions, freelance work, and volunteering at my MBA alma mater, Loyola Marymount University.

Recent projects

Campaign strategy for a leading, legacy breakfast brand.Organizational design for an entertainment agency experiencing rapid growth.Brand, campaign, and communications planning for an ice cream brand with new leadership and new corporate ownership.Positioning for a CRM agency navigating M&A and industry change.Campaign strategy (and winning pitch!) for a leading oral care brand looking to find its next generation of buyers.Team training for a high-growth agency looking to add brand strategy skills to its business strategy-focused department.

"Ben's strategy, brief, and human insight were the springboard that all the ideas flowed from." - recent collaborator

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